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Early Childhood Development, With a Twist (Twirl, Giggle, and Shake)
Keep Kids

Specially designed to leverage a calculated balance of stationary and physical activities, the Zumbini® curriculum keeps kids energized and engaged throughout class. Little ones learn to dance, sing, and play with instruments, enhancing their motor skills along with cognitive, behavioral, and social development.

Learning Through Music

Everyone is born with inherent rhythmic aptitude. The Zumbini® format helps little ones tap into theirs and flex their musical muscles. They learn to feel the beat and feel free to express themselves, making learning with music a natural (and fun) process.

Original Content

Original music, created by grammy-nominated producers, along with corresponding songbooks allow the parent and child to continue bonding, learning, and growing at home. With original characters, stories, parenting tips, and song lyrics with matching visual cues, they can continue the fun long after class is over.

The Zumbini® TV Show Designed to keep your classes full

BabyFirst™ is the only channel strictly geared towards children ages 0-3. In collaboration with Zumbini®, BabyFirst™ has created the Zumbini® TV show, designed to promote the Zumbini® program and drive students to your classes. The show will air every day, exposing millions of households around the globe to the wonderful world of Zumbini®.

You teach. We take care of everything else.

Zumbini provides you with all the tools you need to be succesfull!

No Hassle Student Materials

Zumbini doesn't require you to purchase student materials before your students sign up. Zumbini automatically charges you for student materials, but ONLY after you've collected your full class fee from the student. Zumbini then ships the materials to you.

Digital Advertising Support

We help you pack your classes by running digital ads in areas where classes are posted. You'll see ads on YouTube, Facebook, Google and many other channels, driving people to find a class in their area, ultimately – finding you!

Payment Processing is a hub for students to come and pay for your class packages with ease. Simply post your class, set your price, and we'll take care of the rest.

“The Zumbini program has been getting rave reviews since I started teaching it in Fall 2013. Each session I offer 3 classes and they fill up with 15 students and waiting lists. Parents thank me and say that they love the program.”

Andrea Campbell
Licensed Zumbini Instructor

“I can't say enough about how much I LOVE teaching this program! With its unique upbeat music with lyrics, it facilitates all areas of development, fine and gross motor, language, cognitive and social/emotional...and we all think we're just singing, wiggling and giggling! My weekly sessions are "food for my soul"!”

Wendy Jaffe
Licensed Zumbini Instructor

“The Zumbini program allows for special bonding moments, many parents long for and treasure! It is here, where baby and parent can share their love of music together and capture pure joy in each other.”

Jamie Wohl
Licensed Zumbini Instructor

“As a Child Development Specialist in Early Intervention, I can confirm that the ZUMBINI program is developmentally appropriate, effective and valuable. Children are learning and growing and discovering their world through music, movement, rhythm, singing, dance, laughter, silliness and personal interactions. It is SUPER engaging and SO FUN for both the kiddo and their grown-up!! What a great experience this program is for all involved! I LOVE IT!”

Michelle Lindee
Licensed Zumbini Instructor
Fun Filled 2-day training Learn everything you need to teach a Zumbini® class
  • How to create lesson plans
  • The “play” teaching methodology
  • The “10 key points” of the Zumbini® program
  • Early childhood education practices that stress exposure, facilitation, participation and process
  • Using “whole song choreography”
  • Weekly Song development + activities
  • Class Management techniques

You will also receive
Zumbini® License and
Certificte of Completion
15 ACE CEU Credits
Course Review DVD
and Instructor Manual
Access to the 4
Zumbini® bundles
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