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Zumbini Session
Kalino Finds The Music
10am — 10:45am
January 05 — March 08, 2020
Susie Karlik's Dance Sensation
1049 Stuyvesant Ave
Union, NJ 07083, US
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Maritza Barrios
Maritza Barrios

Hi everyone, I'm Maritza! I have been a children's dance teacher for over 10 years and have been a Licensed ZIN for over 5 years. I was so excited to add Zumbini to my extensive dance training. I love everything about this program and you will to. So please join me and lets dance, sing, and play together.

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Susie Karlik's Dance Sensation
1049 Stuyvesant Ave, Union, NJ, US
10am to 10:45am

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Class Dates
Apr 05 to Jun 28, 2020

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