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Zumbini Training

January 19, 2019 — Montreal, QC

Registration Time
Jan-19 — 8:30am — 9am

Training Hours
Day 1: Jan-19 — 9am — 7pm
Day 2: Online

Included with this training
Certificate small fb35e1c640889605c3441cae040f9b287551401db8174b16c1c8b9a52e590e84 Zumbini Certification

Teach indefinitely on your own schedule

Course dvd small 68783dfe853ab4940685c702ae46575716f169aa645e284e9e2168464a78e622 Course Review Videos and Instructor

Take home everything you learned during the training

Bundles access small baa519f0c464eb7f6deef960345eb6b0334bff38de276e68066a0c401b4cf073 Music

All music to fully arm you for your classes

Zumbini app 63ec3f456d6c06a25bc02a268572951ba2f340f3ffaefcc4e8b9ba4ef4564047 Full Access to Zumbini App

Be mobile and register students on the move

Erna Cherfane

Hi!!! I'm Erna from South Africa. I'm a Zumbini Education Specialist (ZES) and a Licenced Zumbini Instructor waiting to share the magic of Zumbini with all of you. After travelling the world I found in Quebec a home away from home.  My love for babies and toddlers has found it's match with this AMAZING music and movement program. It truly is The Ultimate Bonding Experience🖤 I have first hand experience about the wonderful benefits of Zumbini with my own Bini baby, my daughter Lillian, that made me truly fall in love with what I do. Look forward to making you part of my growing Bini Family!!! A special program created for daycares/schools available. Give the gift of bonding to a loved one by purchasing a GIFT VOUCHER for my sessions. T&C apply. I'm also Quebec's only Qualified Zumbini Education Specialist and help to train all you wonderful future instructors across Canada🖤 Simply contact me for more information!

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