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Melanie Snell
Alameda, CA | Zumbini Instructor since - 2022

About Me

I absolutely love Zumbini, and think you will too! It combines some of my favorite things--tiny humans, catchy songs, and Zumba dance! I'm a firm believer in the power of music to promote development in so many areas, and combining music with movement and dance engages the whole brain and stimulates neural connections in the brain, especially in young children. And it's so much fun! I absolutely love to watch the children giggle and shake it as we explore music with our voices and instruments, play peek a boo, move our bodies to fun Zumba music from around the world, and learn through play!
I have over 7 years of experience teaching early childhood music and movement, and am also a licensed Zumba Instructor. I've lived in Alameda with my husband and 4 children for 13 years, and I'm looking forward to spending time your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! Come sing and dance with me as we take a musical journey around the world!

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