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Emotional development

Emotional Development

Music helps children identify what different emotions may “sound” and “feel” like. The variety of rhythms in our class create intentional shifts in the child’s mood—some boosting their energy levels while others help them relax.

Social skill development

Social Skill Development

Connecting with their peers through dynamic song, dance, and instrument play — our classes offer a high level of social interaction in which the children learn age-appropriate social skills.

Cognitive development

Cognitive Development

Music and movement stimulate neural connections in the brain, especially in young children. Reason and logic are used when identifying music patterns and playing instruments, while the repetition of sounds and syllables are known to enhance a child’s language development.

Motor skill development

Fine + Gross Motor skill Development

Vibrant movement, choreography, and instrument play throughout the class activate both small and large muscle groups, promoting children's overall physical development.

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