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Sylvia Boyle
ALEXANDRIA | Zumbini Instructor since - 2017

About Me

Certifications: Certified ESL & EC-4 educator, Zumbini Time (0-4) & Zumbini in Schools (2-5). Hello my soon-to-be new friends!!! Throughout my 10 years of serving as an Early Childhood and Elementary Educator, my passion has been centered around nurturing children's innate sense of creativity, curiosity and wonder! Having a deep-rooted zeal for ensuring all children have exposure to creative arts and expression spurred me on to co-founding KidOvation Stage, a company driven to give children access to a world of creativity and healthy living through an arts infusion experience. Now that I'm a new Stay-at-Home Mom, I've become even more fervent about early cognitive development and the benefits of the learning through the play and creative expression for little ones.... and tadaaa!! I found that the ZumbiniĀ® program was a perfect fit with my philosophy and mission. Having had extensive course work in both Theatre and Education, I'm ready to engage your little ones as they partake on a magical adventure while learning to explore through musicality, dance & play! Let's have some fun!!

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