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Leigh Gall
McKinney, TX | Zumbini Instructor since - 2017

About Me

Hi, I'm Leigh! I am married with 2 sons (8 and 2 years old) and lived in Collin County my entire life! During college, I worked at a preschools and enjoyed hosting birthday parties at a popular gymnastics facility. After graduating, I was fortunate to be able to apply my degree to market some popular children's brands: Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank, and Barney the Dinosaur. After years in the corporate world, I am THRILLED to be teaching ZUMBINI! I am now able to take my love for children and use my passion to bring fun, education, music, and movement to their lives. Also, I am not afraid to be a little silly and encourage anyone in class to let down their walls and enjoy the experience!

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