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For Schools

Original Zumbini program adapted for pre-schools, daycares and all facilities looking to offer Zumbini classes without caregivers

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The Curriculum

Fun yet effective curriculum that promotes cognitive, social, emotional and motor skill development.

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Emotional Development

Music helps children identify what different emotions may “sound” and “feel” like. The variety of rhythms in our class create intentional shifts in the child’s mood—some boosting their energy levels while others help them relax.

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Fine + Gross Motor skill Development

Vibrant movement, choreography, and instrument play throughout the class activate both small and large muscle groups, promoting children's overall physical development.

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Social Skill Development

Connecting with their peers through dynamic song, dance, and instrument play — our classes offer a high level of social interaction in which the children learn age-appropriate social skills.

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Cognitive Development

Music and movement stimulate neural connections in the brain, especially in young children. Reason and logic are used when identifying music patterns and playing instruments, while the repetition of sounds and syllables are known to enhance a child’s language development.

Hire an Instructor
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The Materials

Original music, songbooks, and interactive content to create an immersive learning experience.


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The Music

Created by Zumba's team of Grammy-nominated producers, our age-appropriate songs were carefully produced to be educational yet fun and upbeat for everyone in the classroom... including the adults!

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The Songbooks

Including lyrics and illustrations that correspond with the music used in your class, our songbooks create an additional learning and bonding opportunity for families at home.

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The TV Show

A shortened and interactive version of a live Zumbini class for children to continue the fun learning at home.

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Honestly, it’s the only children’s music I can actually listen to in the car without cringing!

Evelyn Mendal  •  Zumbini Mom

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The Brands

Zumba, the Global leader in FUN dance-fitness, and Babyfirst, the leader in interactive educational content.

A brand that parents will recognize, trust, and value

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The global leader in FUN dance-fitness with over 15 million people taking classes every week.

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The leader in interactive, educational content for babies and toddlers reaching over 60 million homes in US alone.

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Fun, immersive, and educational program with thousands locations and participants worldwide.

Bring zumbini to your facility

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Find an instructor

Post a job on our job locator and we will help you find a local instructor

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Sign our license agreement

In order to use the Zumbini trademark and, curriculum please make sure you download, read and sign our license agreement

Download License Agreement
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Buy Student Materials

Each student enrolled in a Zumbini class is required to receive the "Zumbini Bundle"

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Important FAQs About hiring a Zumbini Instructor!

Q: What are the take-home materials and how much do they cost?

A: The Zumbini Bundle is comprised of 20 original songs used in class, a songbook with lyric pages/corresponding illustrations, and a plush doll for the child. Each session must include a Bundle for each participating child. We charge $35 (including shipping/tax) per bundle per child.

Q: How do Zumbini sessions work?

A: Zumbini sessions should last anywhere from 6 to 18 weeks depending on your enrollment schedule (i.e. semesters, trimesters, or quarters). Classes should meet at least once per week. Classes should be led by a licensed Zumbini instructor. If you want to find an instructor in your area or want to confirm that someone is a licensed Zumbini instructor, please contact us.

Q: Will my facility get the music for use between Zumbini classes?

A: Yes! Using Zumbini music in the classroom on a daily basis between Zumbini classes is a great way to promote additional cognitive development (and fun) for the children. Once you submit your Facility License Agreement, you'll receive access to all of our music.

Q: Do we always use the same Bundle for every session?

A: No! We have four unique versions of the Bundle, each with its own set of 20 original songs, its own book to go with those songs, and its own unique plush doll. Your instructor should move on to the next version of the Bundle after each session.

Q: What happens if a child already received the Bundle that we're using in a given session?

A: No problem! For the same $35 license fee, we will send you a replacement gift for that child instead of the Bundle that they have already received.

Q: Can facilities that are not "schools" offer this program?

A: Yes! Any facility that complies with our Facility Agreement can offer this program as long as it's taught by a licensed Zumbini Instructor.