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Zumbini Training

July 24, 2019 — Orlando, FL

Registration Time
Jul-24 — 8:30am — 9am

Training Hours
Jul-24 — 9am — 7pm

Included with this training
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Teach indefinitely on your own schedule

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Take home everything you learned during the training

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All music to fully arm you for your classes

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Be mobile and register students on the move

Ashlee Cramer

I have been working with children and their caregivers in the field of early childhood education for over ten years. I began as a dancer, performing on stages from New York City to Paris to Hong Kong, but in 2003 I moved to Miami where I was captivated by a new audience, young children and their caregivers! I decided to pass on my love of music and dance through teaching. I began working in early childhood music and movement education in various mommy and me settings, and eventually took over Miami Children’s Music in 2004. I have since been encouraging babies, toddlers, and caregivers to sing, dance, and groove to the music!

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